5 August, 2020 | 19:08
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SMAC (Mouse Auto Clicker. Windows OS only)

Sharing my mouse auto-clicker (Windows OS only).
I wrote it for “Sakura Clicker” game on steam:


Should work for other games too.
The program starts automatically left-clicking after you press defined hotkey – “[” by default.
Start/Stop/Exit hotkey can be changed, just press “Save all values” button when you are done. Then press defined “start hotkey” to start clicking.
Again, it’s windows OS only.
No installation is required – just run it. No dependencies either. Having OS Windows XP and later should be enough.
SMAC will create smac.ini file, so read/write permissions in the same folder are needed.
The code is clean, without any toolbars bundled or whatever.

AutoHotKey Source:

Windows Binaries:

All in 1 compressed 7-zip archive:

SMAC’s License: Unlicense (public domain). You will see license prompt once you launch SMAC.
This software is free of charge, and it’s code is freely available.

To run directly from .ahk source you need to have AutoHotkey installed.
Or just use .exe binaries instead.